Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club
 Of Northeastern New York

Sovereign's Southern Style "Trixie Lee" 5/10/99 - 9/23/09
Owned and Loved by Pat Hicks, MaryLou Falco, and Patti Conroy

She may be departed, but she'll always be there
We have to believe, we still have to care.
The Lord has come down and carried her home
The pain and the hurt have no where to roam.
As the days pass on by, we’ll remember her smile
And the laughs that we shared more than once in a while.
No words to be spoken, our thoughts she will see
Forever and always, that's the way it will be.
Say good-bye to the heartache, the hurt and the pain
Our Trix is now happy, without any strain.
She tried all she could and fought to the end
But the fighting is over; she's now with a friend.
Dying is worse for those who must stay
And pick up the pieces and put them away.
If we remember the good times, her departure could be
A time of enlightenment, a fond memory.
Now dear Trixie has died, but this isn't the end
'See you later,' we say, till we see her again.
Good-bye is so final, so cold and so bare
'See you later,' we'll say, for we always will care.
Life now without her will cause us to tear
But there is something special that I want you to hear --
Please cry for her happy, for this isn't the end
'See you later,' dear Trixie, for you're now with a friend.

Amer/Can Ch Karlee Gray Stone Ambrose
Gone too soon, never forgotten...